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A presentation at NICyber Webinar by Simon Whittaker

With an acceleration in the shift to digital payments as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, cyber fraud and AML has become an increasingly important issue for all financial services companies.

But this represents an opportunity for FinTech as most were set up on digital only models, and so, already have strong controls in place.

Simon Whittaker and Alex Lee will be joined by panellists to discuss What are FinTech firms regulatory responsibilities with respect to cyber security? How are FinTechs tackling cyber security risk?

Panellists: Simon Cole co-founded Automated Intelligence (AI) in 2010 with an innovative idea for the information management market. Since then his vision has seen AI work with over 100 customers, including 65% of central government departments. In line with GDPR requirements, Automated Intelligence’s software automatically enforces appropriate governance across all content to reduce legal and reputational risk, while simultaneously making substantial cost savings and improving organisational productivity.

Alison Donnelly is a Director at FScom and a payments policy expert with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the payments regulatory landscape. She is a former FSA/FCA e-money policy specialist and shares this insight from the regulator to clients and contacts alike in her role as Director in fscom providing compliance advice to leading fintech companies and start ups. Alison is Leader of the Emerging Payment Association’s (EPA’s) Project Regulator which aims to engage with regulatory bodies to promote and champion the concerns of EPA members in current and future regulation, and drives change through the development of a fairer regulatory landscape for payments companies.

Cormac Quinn is the founder of loyalBe, a powerful data-driven platform that aims to increase customer retention and drive repeat sales for retailers.


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